Picture: OBTRACK™ logo

Skrylle Dog Coat

”...a barking mad (sorry) Swedish company has come
up with the ultimate
in doggy outdoor
gear as the soft shell revolution catches
up with canines.”

Outdoor Magic, UK"

"OBTRACK™ Skrylle dog coat is in a class
of its own!"
Your Dog, UK




Picture: OBTRACK™ Skrylle (Skrylle Hundtäcke)
Bild/Länk: Till OBTRACK hundtäcke
Picture/Link: EU flag (To OBTRACK)
Picture/Link: US flag - (To OBTRACK)


More about OBTRACK™ Skrylle Dog Coat

"Debatable who will love this gift more - the dog or its owner. Made from state-of-the-art Polartec fabric, it will keep Fido warm while flexing to match his every move. It's available in an incredible 23 sizes, and will make a thoughtful change from the standard offerings"
The Walking Magazine, UK


The design is great - the Obtrack™ coat hasn't just been tailored, it's been engineered! The makers seem to have a clear understanding of the canine anatomy and the demands of the canine athlete."
Agilitynet, UK


What can I say? Wow!"
Weekend Lifestyle, Financial Times


"I've never seen a dog coat that fits a dog so well. The adjustment system around the chest piece in particular allows for a perfect fit. The dog coat also covers the hindquarters and has a collar that provides additional protection for the dog."
Hovdmyra, Norway


"OBTRACK Skrylle dog coat is in a class of its own!"
Your Dog, UK


"High-Tech for dogs"
Outdoor, Germany


"The dog coat's excellent construction is well-suited to the needs of a dog. In addition, it is also elegant and fulfills the important function of protecting vital muscle groups from cooling down too rapidly."
The Hunting Journal, Sweden


"You won't believe your eyes when the OBTRACK Skrylle dog coat arrives on your doorstep!"
Jakthunden, Sweden


"Besides being ingeniously designed and useful, it's classy looking and incredibly well made."
Clean Run, USA